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String thickness——–>1,25 mm
Length Set of 9 or 10 meters (for 1 racket)
String Type——..Mulitifilament
Color discription———–>Black


The newest string from Tecnifibre. Where the previous generation of the DNAMX was often labeled as hard and rather stiff, the new DYNAMIX V.P. many times softer. Where the DNAMX was 100% elastic, the DYNAMIX V.P. 400% elastic just like the famous 305 and X-One. The V.P. stands for Vapor Process, the string has actually been through a steam bath as the last treatment, so that the fibers are more open. Because of this the power of the DNAMX has remained but the comfort has increased enormously. With the increase in comfort, there is more control and it is easier to place the ball where you want.

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