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Brand : Tecnifibre
Weight : 295g
Head area : 645cm
Length : 68.6
Frame profile (mm) : 23.5 / 23.5 / 22.5
String arrangement : 16/19
Balance (mm) : 325
Stiffness (RA) : 70
Main color : white
Material: graphite
Stretch : no
Recommended tension force (kg) : 22-25


The Tecnifibre T-fight 295 RS is a great option for intermediate players. This model also has the frame redesigned by Tecnifibre in order to obtain more power and also maintains that extension of the distance between strings in its 16/19 pattern in order to provide us with ease when printing effects to our hits and give us speed when lowering the ball. Its RS Section technology, a section of the R-shaped frame with five sides that favors its stability and flexibility at the moment of impact, a success without a doubt and that greatly enriches the product. In the phases of the game it is a fast racket in the volleys, having enough weight in the head also allows us to redirect the blows with modern speed and without losing precision, in the services you will find power and ability to perform effects. Ideal for intermediate players looking for a racket with optimal performance and not heavy.

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